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We are a hard-working and very effective team that is not afraid of challenges. We have prepared animation styles that meet the needs of startups and small businesses as well as growing companies and corporations. Brands such as Santander Bank, ING Bank, Porsche, Veolia or Milka (and hundreds of smaller ones) have trusted us.

Animations are the future of communication – both internal (for intranet, procedures, announcements and internal regulations) and external (marketing, pr, customer education). Your business should not be missing in this future



Whiteboard animations are very engaging and at the same time one of the cheapest forms of animation. After setting the scenario, our designers move to work – drawings are created, which we’re able to digitally draw it again in front of the viewer’s video. This form of Whiteboard animation has one disadvantage in addition to its advantages – it’s impossible to draw a movement. So we can create a picture in which someone shoots a bow, and the second one with an arrow hammered into a shield, but we won’t make the flight itself exciting. We’ve already created over 200 such animations.


You can use them to explain the client what
your product or service is all about.
Engage the receiver of your ad, whose
attention will be focused on drawing.
Create banners
for remarketing.
Create an e-learning series.
Put them at the background on your website.


Explainer Video is a form of informative and / or instructional animation about a product or service. They are usually simple films in their construction and focused on educational message. What can Explainer Video explain? There are no major restrictions here. This form of education can be used to explain the basic principles of the machine, device, website, product, how to reserve a place in a hotel, the use of washing liquid or how to apply fertilizer for flowers. The nature of Explainer Video is educational and concise. Their purpose is to provide in a short format (from 1 to 2.5 minutes) concise content that will explain the area of knowledge in question. Explainer Video are very popular.


Animations in a three-dimensional space. They can be rotated and moved like real objects. 3D animation is at the heart of games and virtual reality, but it may also be used in presentation, explainer video or in education. 3D animation is much more appealing and realistic and gives high quality compared to 2D.


Do you want to create a presentation that will trigger the desire to buy the presented products in your customer? Or maybe you need a training presentation? One that is shown during your speech. If you need it to hit the spot, fancify your speech, but don’t attract attention when you don’t have to, you’ve come to the right place! The team NarysujTO has already prepared over 200 training and sales presentations. We’ll match the presentation style to your company, We’ll arrange / write content, If necessary, we’ll insert animated elements for the presentation, We’ll deliver it on time! We can also fancify your old presentation with a new graphic design. We cooperated with, e.g.



The first and the most important step is the acceptance of the cooperation framework. At this stage, we agree the realisation of the project, – the price, the style of animation, the basic concept information about the lector and background music as well.


In the second step, we prepare the animation scenario / project details in two stages. We work both on the text version (read by the lector) and on the graphic version. If the project requires it, we create storyboards.


The third step is primarily devoted to checking the first version of the animation created on the basis of the script. At this stage, we check how many prepared scenes you accept, and how many corrections and improvements you need.


Our task is to get an agreement about the style of animation, stories told in the background and graphics used for production. Because creativity and imagination have no limits, we include a dialogue at every stage to know that we’re working on material that you’ll be satisfied with.


We’re at the finish line! First you saw the concepts, then the individual sketches and graphics, and now the film is ready and accepted. At this stage, we send the file in the expected format and ask if we can do something more for you.


The final stage of cooperation is the transfer of property rights for using the material.


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